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Choreography, Performance, Sound, Set, Costume and Lighting Design

by James Andrews

"One of the first times my parents ever saw me I was a fuzzy little blur on a screen in the hospital, all curled up with my tiny index finger outstretched like E.T. "phone home". Even before I was born it was clear that I was not going to be your average kid.


In building this solo the dynamic between my religious history and my sexuality became an early focus for my exploration. I'm fascinated by this balance between the light and dark aspects in my life, the angelic and the demonic, as well as the notion I've always carried that I am somehow an outsider or an alien that has been thrust into a foreign landscape and forced to navigate my own path. During our development periods over the past few years I've seen both of my older sisters have their own children, this has made me acutely aware of the ways in which we develop our sense of individuality as well as our moral code. Innocence has become a major theme for this solo, the idea that this little alien foetus exists in a parallel world where the words "right" and "wrong" do not exist.


As much as this work is a love letter of sorts to my family it is also a self portrait in which I transform my physical body as I shift, melt and stagger in the spaces between the extraterrestrial, the angelic and the human."

Performence incarnations, developments and appearances have included:

"FAMILY", 2NDTOE, Melbourne, 2013

DARK MOFO, Dark Faux Mo, Supple Fox, Hobart, 2013

Donkey Wheel House, Melbourne, 2014

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