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YUMMY is a powerhouse cabaret of Melbourne drag, dance, circus, and live music that has been serving smash hit events across numerous festivals. Known for its cult following and wild aesthetic, YUMMY, has become legendary in the underground club cabaret scene, and now presents feature-length shows that straddle both entertainment and the contemporary avant garde. YUMMY has a unique sense of gender balance and fluidity that reflects a changing cultural attitude toward gender identity, and is recognised for its incorporation of women who do female drag. YUMMY is set apart from other shows by blending absurd and outrageous drag conventions with fascinating and complex contemporary choreography. It brings a vibrant, queer, and subversive audience experience, and works well as a prime-time or late night production.


The show is directed by James Welsby (from GLORY BOX and BRIEFS) and features seven performers: Karen From Finance, Benjamin Hancock, Valerie Hex, Jandruze, Beni Lola, Hannie Helsden, and Tanzer. Our special guest performers are: Yana Alana, Zelia Rose, Rolly, Jarred Dewey, and Joni in the Moon.

YUMMY Productions is a new force in Australian performing arts that constantly delivers outrageously fun and subversive live performance. Known for the cult smash show, “YUMMY,” the company has also created several spin off productions (Summer Treats, Love Pain and Music, YUMMY in the Wild West, and YUMMY UP LATE) to suit contexts both intimate and large in scale. YUMMY is born from Melbourne’s Midsumma Festival, and has headlined large events in Sydney Mardi Gras, Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Due West Festival, Melbourne Music Week, Melbourne Fringe, and more. The show has toured to Mahe, Seychelles and Berlin, Germany, and will tour to Perth and Adelaide in early 2018. The performers in YUMMY have been seen touring the word separately in major shows, but when they come together in YUMMY, something truly unforgettable happens.



Other Cabaret credits include "CULT" Strut & Fret Production House, Adelaide Fringe 2016, "Retro Futurismus" Maude & Annie Davis, 2016, "North Side Story" Melbourne Fringe, 2014 and "Hear No Evil/Speak No Evil" Agt Cleave 2014 - ongoing.



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